Sixtus “6” humbucker


Sixtus “6” flat humbucking pickup for guitars with electric guitar strings

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“Sixtus 6″ humbuckers are really flat: 5mm, only 1/5” at 6000 coil windings. This type is made for acoustic sound and it won’t bother when it gets crunchy. The flat pickups are available in covers of brass or aluminum with the output cable leaving to the side.

To fix it, you can either use a double-stick tape or a putty recommended by your luthier. Either way, we recommend to check out the best sounding position before fixing it on the instrument. Upon request, they can be delivered with a magnetic mount for steel body guitars.

For administrative/bureaucratic reasons I can only process orders within the EU except Germany. I kindly ask for your understanding.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 g
Dimensions N/A

65mm x 32mm, only 5mm in height

metal wrap

brass, aluminum


6000 windings, twin coil


shielded cable 45cm in length, connection jack not included

magnetic fix for steel body guitars

Yes, No