Terms & conditions

General – This webshop is run by yours truly, Elmar Zeilhofer, as a part-business that derived from a hobby, something I like to do. While I still enjoy delivering unique flat guitar pickups to happy customers, the spare time to work on that side business is limited. In advance, I ask for your understanding when pickups are unavailable for some time due to a simple lack of spare time.

Customer satisfaction – a good reward for doing a job! Your feedback is highly welcome. For the rare case a Sixtus pickup does not meet you expectation, let’s talk about it to find a solution. Returning the purchase price and moving on is my way to keep things simple.

Quality – Sixtus pickups are handmade and as such, their impression might not convince you. In case of doubt, please tell me your concerns before you order or better consider industrial products alternatively.

Delivery – If your country is not within my current market range, please message me to find a way. Due to their regulations, some countries cannot be served, such as Germany. In case of the UK, the webshop is disabled but invoices can be issued via paypal containing the UK VAT. The prices are converted from Euros to GBP plus a charge of 10% to cover conversion fees. The shipping & handling fee for deliveries to the UK is 12 £.