· SIXTUS · flat guitar pickups are based on my “Original Flatpup pickups” which have successfully been used by guitar builders all over the world since 2011. Check them out at www.flatpup.com

​The marvellous feedback of our clients convinced us to create · SIXTUS · ,  a pickup brand especially designed for electric guitars and resonator guitars. 

· SIXTUS · pickups combine everything we learnt from our luthier-customers feed back:

narrow silhouette, top-mount, easy-on, humbucking, wax potted and their vintage look. An ideal add-on pickup!

Their sound is described as open, transparent and harmonic. And silent with respect to the hum cancelling. I serve customers from all over the world. Your feedback is important for us to ensure we follow the right track. Thank you for that.

​The company is located in Vienna, Austria. From 2019 on, I run this business on a small scale besides having a full time job, Please understand my limited production possibilities and the limited availability of pickups. The webshop is therefore closed.

Hödlgasse 14/5/42
Vienna, 1230