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Sixtus family

Sizes of Sixtus pickups

Sixtus pickups and their footprint from left to right:

  • Sixtus Resonator humbucker, 7000 windings, 65mm x 40mm
  • Sixtus “6” humbucker, 6000 windings, 65mm x 32mm
  • Sixtus “6” single coil, 4800 windings, 65mm x 26mm
  • Sixtus Slim single coil, 3500 windings, 65mm x 21mm
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Sixtus banjo pickup inside out

he first test of the Sixtus banjo pickup was only “ok”, which is not what I am happy with. Then an idea: We flipped the pickup to the inside of the membrane and fixed it by neodym magnets at the outside of the membrane. Bam! Now we had the result we were looking for.

So many advantages…

  • on the inside, the pickup doesn’t disturb the fingerpicking
  • the neodym magnets look decently enough
  • the whole setup is very light and doesn’t influence the membrane vibes very much
  • and best of all: the sound! I am very pleased with it