Sixtus “6” custom humbucker


Sixtus “6” flat humbucking pickup for guitars with electric guitar strings

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Sixtus “6” custom humbuckers have an injection molded frame to display any kind of inlay. A tortoise inlay? A photo? Anything goes.

These add-on pickups are really flat: 5mm, only 1/5″ at 6000 coil windings. This type is made for acoustic sound and it won’t bother when it gets crunchy.

Not included: mounting screws, connection jack, inlay.

For administrative/bureaucratic reasons I can only process orders within the EU except Germany. I kindly ask for your understanding.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 g

85mm x 35mm, only 5mm in height


6000 windings, twin coil


shielded cable 45cm in length, connection jack not included


black injection molded frame, inlay by the customer