The Sixtus "Slim" single coil pickup has an even smaller footprint than its humbucking brothers which have already earned its reputation amongst resonator guitar players. The Sixtus Slim feels comfortable from neck to bridge. Check out your sweet spot before fixing it.


It is originally built to work with electric guitar strings.


An optional feature is the magnetic mount for steel body guitars.


Off the shelf, it is delivered without the embossed "Sixtus" logo.


Please note:

Feel free to fix it permanently with double sided cushion tape or use a removable putty recommended by your luthier.

This pickup has a single coil; it is remarkably silent but it might not be as silent as our humbucking models.

Given its amazingly small size, the output is lower compared to common bulkier pickups. Use your amp ;-)

The pickup is delivered without a connection jack.

Brass will tarnish, as a matter of fact; the aluminum might show optical scratches.

Aus administrativen Gründen kein Versand nach Deutschland.

Sixtus "Slim 6" - single coil pickup

    • housing: 65mm x 21mm x 5mm
    • single coil, 3500 turns, 3.7kOhm
    • not wax potted
    • approx. 45cm shielded connection cable leaving to the side, no connection jack included

    Please note: The appearance of this handmade product is as such - handmade. Depending on your preferences and expectations regarding the look I suggest refraining from ordering.

  • All pickups are tested before leaving. Please check the pickup before mounting it. If it doesn't work as you expect it, you can send it back and I will refund the money.

    As mentioned before, this is a handmade product. Depending on your expectation you might dislike the optical appearence. Then please don't order. If your are not satisfied with the look once you have it in hands, I'm sure we can find a solution.

    If it stops working during a period of three (3) years from the date of delivery, you can return it to me and I return the money you paid for it, except the pickup broke due to improper use, e.g. by tearing out the connection wires.

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