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This electric cimbalom pickup is the longest we have. And which probably exists. The standard size can cover a maximum string spacing of 60cm! - An ideal add-on pickup for cimbalom or hammered dulcimers.


Along the sides, aluminum girders give stability. Between them, an inlay of tortoise celluloid gives it a vintage look. At the backside, we put structured tape to  smoothly shift it on the surface of the instrument. Please be cautious with the corners of the metal girders to prevent scratching the surface of your instrument. 


Please note:

- Although humbucker wound and shielded, the electrical signal is not totally noise-free due to the extraordinary length.

-  If you don't put it to the crossing, you probably would need two, one for each side.

- Of course, it only works for magnetic strings.

- A connection jack is not included.

Sixtus pickup for Cimbalom & Hackbrett

    • for magnetic strings only
    • max string spacing 60cm
    • housing: width 34mm, lenght 43 / 53 / 63cm, height 6.5mm
    • shielded connection cable length 45cm / 18"
    • no connection jack included

    Please note: Depending on your preferences and expectations regarding the look I suggest to refrain from ordering. This is no industrial product. It is handmade and you might dislike its optical appearence.

  • All pickups are tested before leaving. Please check the pickup before mounting it. If it doesn't work as you expect it, you can send it back on your account and I will refund the money that you paid for it.

    If it stops working during a period of three (3) years from the date of delivery, you can return it to me and I return the money you paid for it, except the pickup broke due to improper use, e.g. by tearing out the connection wires.

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