Are there sound samples & references?

Please check out the video galleries at our site Since this company is small, there is little advertisement. I prefer happy customers who recommend my product to their friends.


How is the quality?

If you refer to the look, it's handmade. Depending on your expectations, please consider industrial products alternatively.

How Do I Place An Order?

In our SHOP section, except your country is not within our market range.

Do you ship to my country?

I am not capable of taking orders from the UK nor from Germany for bureaucratic, administrative reasons. Sorry folks. For requests from other countries please feel free to contact me.

Do you have a VAT-ID?

No. According to the Austrian tax law, this is a small enterprise which is exempted from the VAT. Therefore, there's no VAT quoted. For German-speaking  tax-aficionados




We are located in Vienna, Austria, and invoice in Euros.




We ship by registered priority mail.




Shipments to countries outside the EU get a customs declaration mark (CN22). If custom fees, import taxes etc. are due, they are to be paid by the customer.



Returns & refunds

Please check the pickup before fixing it permanently on the instrument. If it doesn't suit your expectation, you can return it on your account and I return the purchase price. We are not responsible for adaptions of the respective instrument and the damage which might be caused thereby.



Wiring & electronics

* The Sixtus pickups have fewer coil windings to stay flat. Therefore the output level is lower than those of common pickups and humbuckers.

* We recommend pots with linear taper, although logarithmic tapers should also do the job.

* Logarithmic tone-pots usually don't have a smooth roll-off when using the Sixtus pickups. The treble is kept up and drops at the end of the dial.


Privacy policy

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